Cupcakes and Cover Letters??

Welcome to Cupcakes and Cover Letters – the most creatively random site out there! Over the past several years, we the creators of this site have navigated the work force as members of the young professional demographic. We have been successfully employed and unemployed. We have changed jobs, gotten promotions, gotten past over for promotions, stressed over the job search process, navigated the mine field that is the interview process, and survived our fair share of office politics and company parties. While we may not have learned everything just yet, the last few years have taught us two big things.

First, in order to be successful you need support. We have spent countless hours proof reading each others’ resumes and cover letters, lamenting about the job search process, helping find solutions to miscellaneous work questions, and offering support to each other no matter what the context.

Second, everything is better with a cupcake.

It was with those two basic lessons in mind that we started this site. We are not professional advisers, just two young professionals who are navigating the work world here to offer what we have learned, give advice, start a dialogue where readers can contribute their thoughts or questions to help the larger community of readers all be successful in their professional endeavors, and, of coarse, to discover the best cupcakes to celebrate successes and help keep times of stress or disappointment in perspective.

We hope that you enjoy our site, find the information helpful, and come back to contribute. Most of all, we hope that you feel like you have friends who are in this crazy game with you.


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