Relaxing Weekend Activities That Help You In Interviews

Everyone deserves to spend a weekend relaxing, especially after a week filled with resume re-writes, applying for jobs, and, as was the case for us here at Cupcakes and Cover Letters, cheering your team onto victory. But even the most relaxing weekend activities can secretly help you during the job process.

  • Getting a mani/pedi. – Admit it ladies. We almost all love the little bit of pampering from getting a nice mani/pedi, even if we are saving money and doing it at home. In addition to being relaxing and giving us a fun way to gab with girlfriends, getting your nails done helps you look more complete and polished. Walking into an interview, the interviewer will notice that you are put together. And trust us, interviewers do notice chipped polish and broken nails.
  • Catching up on all those shows stored in your DVR. – Sure watching a marathon of Mob Wives probably isn’t the intellectual activities you enjoy that your future employer is asking about. But being aware of the pop culture scene is something most employers look for. Employers are looking to hire young people who are aware of new trends and can keep their companies relevant. So indulge in the occasional guilty pleasure TV marathon, catch the latest movie, and check out what books are the biggest sellers.
  • Doing the newspaper crossword puzzle. – Gone are the days when only Grandpas playing bocce ball par took in crossword puzzles. Completing a crossword takes more than being a wordsmith. Crossword puzzles are a great way to build up your vocabulary as well as your history, literature, and science knowledge. So before you stuff that news paper into the bottom of your gerbil’s cage, pull out the crossword and give it a try.
  • Hanging out with friends. – This is both the most relaxing weekend activity and probably one of the most helpful. Being with your friends can renew your sense of confidence, help you relax after a long week, bring new perspective for the upcoming week, and give you a better sense of what’s going on in the work world around you. Maintaining a good support system is key to success in any part of life.
  • Napping. – I really don’t think we have to spell out the perks of being well rested. So take a little snooze on Sunday afternoon.

With so many weekend activities secretly benefitting your job search, we say, go ahead and relax away!



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