Everybody’s workin for the weekend!

If you’re anything like us here at Cupcakes and Cover Letters you know that the weekends were designed for two things: rest and relaxation. Of course, not everyone cares to spend their glorious two days off sitting on the sofa and wearing pajamas while eating left-over Chinese takeout cold from the fridge. To these people, I say “WTF is wrong with you?!”

Okay, probably nothing but really… use your weekend to rest. You work hard. You deserve it. Although, for those of you who can’t bear the thought of spending 2 whole days in the same outfit and simply HAVE to do something, we commend you. Kudos for being more of a grown up had having it together than the rest of us 20-somethings.

So for this weekend, here are some suggestions of things you may want to check out to help ensure you have a super time off. Whether you prefer to go out on the town or be a couch potato, we’ve got suggestions for both!


Staying in – The Ides of March
Admit it: Staying in for Ryan Gosling and George Clooney is totally worth it.
Suggested cupcake? Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting – just as yummy as Ryan and George.

Going out – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
If you’re not into paying $12 for a movie you can see free on ABC Family (ie Beauty and the Beast) these are both great new releases. You just have to pick: do I want to watch action or cry a little? Either way, get you some popcorn and enjoy!
Suggested cupcake? A Baker’s Dozen! Okay, SNL references aside, go with a Caramel cupcake. What better to go with popcorn than caramel?!


Staying in – Catch up on your DVR’d shows from this week or check out Hulu or your favorite show’s website for any that you may have missed. Some of our favorites that we probably missed (due to working way too much) are 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family. OR If you haven’t yet, tune in to Downton Abbey, one of the BEST shows on TV. You can thank our friends from across the pond for it.
Suggested cupcake? Mini Cupcakes, any flavor – this way, you can eat more than just one because TV always makes you want to snack.

Going out – Go to a sporting event that’s bound to be on TV. Maybe you can wave at the camera as it pans across the stands. Or, have a TV party for Downton Abbey. Dress up as your favorite character, talk in a British accent, have some tea and crumpets. Actually, this sounds like a great idea to me…
Suggested cupcake? Lemon – refreshing and a perfect compliment to tea!


Staying in – Thanks to the marvels of technology, you can now buy a wedding dressing while wearing your favorite PJs. So if you’re getting married, hooray! This is the weekend to get your dress. If you’re not… well, I hear there are several other lovely things online you can buy.
Suggested cupcake? Strawberry Shortcake – nothing says comfort like some strawberry shortcake and, chances are, if you’re staying in and shopping, you’re wanting to be comfy!

Going out – Go shopping! Go crazy! Since you probably go out more than we do, this is the time to start stocking up for spring. Rummage through clearance bins for your basics (white blouse, black pants, etc) and see if you can pull out some pieces that will work for those warmer months. Or if you live in Alabama, January. Since spring looks are about to hit the racks, coats are on sale. Stock up!
Suggested cupcake? Red Velvet – a luxurious treat for treating yourself to a little luxury!


Staying in – While we don’t condone drinking alone, feel free to invite a buddy over. This way, you’re not that sad sack who is sitting at home on a Saturday night drinking by yourself. And after you invite your friend over, may we suggest this drink?

Emilie and Candice’s Delish NY Creamsicle
However much Pinnacle Whipped Vodka you can stand
Orange soda
Chill, mix, enjoy!

Suggested cupcake? Plain Vanilla – You don’t want to overshadow this drink with something because it is super yum!

Going out – Ladies’ choice! Or gentleman’s, whatever you are. But whatever you drink, drink wisely. You don’t want to accidentally wind up meeting your co-workers at a bar and become so wasted you say something you shouldn’t have.
Suggested cupcake? Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Frosting – why not? You’re drinking anyway. The taste of dark chocolate typically goes well with alcohol, so this is perfect!

So, whether you’re staying in or going out have a great weekend and eat lots of cupcakes!


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