Welcome to Cupcakes and Cover Letters!

Over the years we have been sounding boards for each other, bouncing ideas and questions off the other when it comes to job stuff. Whether it’s been resume or cover letter proofreading, advising on how to respond to odd or obnoxious emails, or how to present an idea to a boss, we’ve discussed and over-analyzed everything. And for years we’ve been telling each other that we totally missed our calling as career advisers.

Then one day it hit us: why should all of our awesome knowledge and advice be wasted on each other when there are so many others out there who it could benefit? And what goes better with job help? Cupcakes!

Thus, Cupcakes and Cover Letters was born.

Here you will find humorous and helpful bits of advice, crazy job stories to help you feel better about your own, and (legal) ways to relieve the stresses of the career world. Not to mention cupcakes… lots and lots of cupcakes!


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