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Holy Hangover Batman!

Holy Hangover Batman!

  It is bound to happen at some point in your career that you will attend a company party where alcohol will be present. Assuming you are of legal drinking age you may even participate in the consumption of the alcohol in mention. I am not advocating getting drunk at a company function. Quite the … Continue reading

Please Join Me In Singing…

…Happy Birthday to the co-founder and creative webmaster of Cupcakes and Cover Letters, the wonderfully talent Candice Morris. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPPPPYYY BIIIIRRRTTTHHHDDAAY DEAR CANDICE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! (AND MANY MORE!)  

Keep yourself fresh

In today’s busy go go go world it’s almost nearly impossible to find time to do anything. For weeks you may have to put off going to the grocery store, cleaning your apartment, or doing your laundry because of various time constraints. Even dating has been pushed aside for most of us because of our … Continue reading