Please Join Me In Singing…

…Happy Birthday to the co-founder and creative webmaster of Cupcakes and Cover Letters, the wonderfully talent Candice Morris. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPPPPYYY BIIIIRRRTTTHHHDDAAY DEAR CANDICE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! (AND MANY MORE!)  

Top yo cakes

Top yo cakes

Magnolia’s Vanilla Frosting This is the little black dress of frosting in my opinion. There’s nothing fancy schmancy about it – it’s just old chock full o’ goodness frosting. It’s a blank canvas for your cupcakes. Whether you want to add sprinkles or colors or nuts, this is the frosting for you! 1 cup (2 … Continue reading

You Did Proof That, Right?

Here’s a little ditty about an un-proofed resume and the phone call the applicant never got: Recently I witnessed a hiring manager combing through resumes that had been submitted for a newly posted position. The hiring manager sat down with a stack full of applicants. In a matter of seconds the stack was cut in … Continue reading

Keep yourself fresh

In today’s busy go go go world it’s almost nearly impossible to find time to do anything. For weeks you may have to put off going to the grocery store, cleaning your apartment, or doing your laundry because of various time constraints. Even dating has been pushed aside for most of us because of our … Continue reading

New Year. New You. New Job?

Happy New Year!! If you are like us here at Cupcakes and Cover Letters, you spent the better part of your holiday vacation eating too many cookies, sleeping in daily, and catching up on all those movies you were dying to see (Jason Segel and the Muppets – does life get any better?!). But alas, … Continue reading